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Wisconsin state coat of arms -circa 1876

How can people make good decisions when they do not have access to the facts found in original documents? The original documents are here for you to see in the court records section.

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Great Lakes Water Diversion: The Root River and flooding.

Pouring millions of gallons of water daily:

What kind of neighbor would endanger where you live so they can have water? The City of Waukasha is that neighbor.

Waukesha should have her water but not at the expense of her neighbors. Lake Michigan water going to Waukesha must be returned to the watershed it came from. Waukesha is in the Mississippi River Watershed and the water she wants comes from Lake Michigan. The law says that all that water needs to be returned to where it came from after use and treatment.

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Milwaukee's Consent Decree

Collins v/ Milwaukee Case No 17-cv-00234-JPS

This Federal Class action Suite can point the way toward a brighter future for Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

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We want public hearings and a way to stop the sale of the county grounds.

We get Millions of dollars in rents from 11 seperate tenants at the Milwaukee County grounds. Our biggest expense is Sheriffs Protection a small fraction of the rents.

The Land that Milwauee County owns belongs to her people. Please read my letter to our County Executive, Please Call our County Executive, David Crowley's office at: (414) 278-4216 or (414) 278-4212

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