The Milwaukee County Grounds are our Common Wealth.

Economic development is never guaranteed but the Millions in rents from the 11 entities on those grounds are!

Please, Stop the sale of our 80 acres. Please stop the approval of the maps and tax levies. Stop the sale in favor of public hearings and/or a referendum. The Hospitals and other entities are reasonable. They may be persuaded to not sell if the people oppose it.

Lets not sell our Counties' 80 acres.

When we hold on to our commonly held property we have a say in what happens there.

Dear County Exeutive Crowley

    Please stop or interrupt the sale of the county grounds. You are county exec now. David Crowley is our county exec and the sole arbiter of whether the Milwaukee County Grounds are sold or not. Lets have public hearings. Lets have a referendum. The economic development scheduled to happen out there benefits the wealthy. The county grounds are our common source of wealth. We get lease money from the eleven entities out there. If one of the hospitals does something reprehensible like the recent inexcusable death of 25 year old Shana Ward this January. and was covred here African American Woman dies in emergency room after waiting hours without treatment

    When we are the landlord. We as a public government of by and for the people in the county executives office and Board of Supervisors. Then we have a place at the table. We through our elected officials are the landlord to the 11 entities that are out there on the county grounds. We can demand better conditions and treatment when Milwaukee Countyand her elected officials are the land lords.

    What if Froedert wanted to put guard dogs in the Emergency room lobby. St. Josephs Hospital did this. You cannot go to a private company like Froedert; owned by its corporate board and tell them what to do unless you go to court with all it's expense and uncertainty. However, if you are Froederts' land lord you have a way to counter poor behavior. Talk with them, raise their rent or evict them. My personal beleif is that St. Josephs wanted to put dogs in the E.R. waiting room is not really the bright shiney reason they gave the press.

    I think that there are a lot of uninsured people that really do not like dogs and would forego a trip to St. Joe's to avoid the dogs. The dogs I saw in the fottage are guard dogs being handled by licensed dog handling security guards. Security guard dogs Maybe St. Joes white washes this. What if Froedert did this? We would have no real recourse unless we retain control of the county grounds and are their land lord.

    The county grounds are pretty inexpensive to keep going. Probably the most expensive thing is the Sheriffs' protection which we could defer with increase in rent.

     It was not too long ago that Chris Abele wanted to sell a Parking garage at the end of Wisconsin Ave for $5,000,000 and it and it had a far higher fair market value of over $40,000,000 to North Western Mutual Life. It was revealed later that this same parking lot that Scott Walker was not inclined to maintain and cost a child his life was a big money maker. Milwaukee County made $1,000,000 per year on that parking lot. Now we do not own it. We asked to sell it to the Art Museum and to the best of my knowledge they are undecided.